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Accidental Genius - Mark Levy

The practice of capturing your thoughts in writing is one of the easiest ways to solve problems, identify new opportunities, and generate new ideas. Unfortunately, few of us systematically take the time to sit down, think out loud, and commit our stray thoughts to paper.

In Accidental Genius, veteran business and writing consultant Mark Levy teaches a simple process of daily externalization called “freewriting.” This daily practice of fast, unedited writing is a simple way to get into the flow of moving an important project forward. By asking yourself questions and answering them, you’re very likely to find solutions to major issues, as well as new ways to get what you want.

Levy illustrates how freewriting works by showing you how it’s done: major portions of this book are unedited examples of freewriting in action. Don’t be put off by the breezy, informal style: daily externalization and self-elicitation are heavy-duty creativity tools that will do wonders for your productivity. Give it a try: the results will surprise you.

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