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Ready, Fire, Aim - Michael Masterson

Michael Masterson is a serial entrepreneur who has created over 20 business ventures in his lifetime, and he has a unique perspective about what it takes to build a successful company. Ready, Fire, Aim is an practical examination of how the priorities of a successful business change as it grows.

If you’re creating a brand new businesses, your most important priorities are (1) identifying your target market; (2) quickly developing a product to sell to that market; (3) discovering your optimum selling strategy; (4) actually selling product. According to Masterson:

“Nothing matters more than selling. Many first-time entrepreneurs have the impression that they are doing things in a logical order when they look for the perfect office space, have logos designed, and order a lot of inventory. The reality is they are wasting valuable resources on secondary and tertiary endeavors. If no one is going to buy what you want to sell, you’ve just wasted a bunch of money on a business that will never be.”

As your business matures, your role as a founding entrepreneur changes from salesman to innovator, then manager, and finally investor. As you progress through these four stages, your primary focus should change as well to ensure your business successfully navigates the transition.

If you’re starting a new company or planning to take your current business to the next level, Ready, Fire, Aim is a must-read.

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