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On Writing Well - William Zinsser

If you want to succeed in business, excellent writing skills are essential. In On Writing Well, Zinsser teaches you how to communicate with simplicity and clarity, the hallmarks of an effective writer.
bq. “Managers at every level are prisoners of the notion that a simple style reflects a simple mind. Actually, a simple style is the result of hard work and hard thinking; a muddled style reflects a muddled thinker or a person too arrogant, or too dumb, or too lazy to organize his thoughts. Remember that what you write is often the only chance you’ll get to present yourself to someone whose business or money or good will you need. If what you write is ornate, or pompous, or fuzzy, that’s how you’ll be perceived. The reader has no other choice.”
With a dedicated chapter on writing for business, On Writing Well will teach you that big words, complicated sentences, and jargon decrease your ability to communicate your thoughts to the people reading your work. Once you know how to think about writing, you’ll be amazed at how much your communication skills improve.

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