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Purpose The Starting Point of Great Companies - Nikos Mourkogiannis

If you want to lead your company, you must think about purpose.

Purpose: The Starting Point of Great Companies is about your business’ ultimate, fundamental strategy: why does your firm exist, beyond the easy answer of making money? The clarity of your answer will determine everything from your company culture to your staff’s morale.

The primary insight of Purpose is that people are inspired and motivated by factors beyond the bottom line: they crave a meaning behind their actions powerful enough to give them motivation to complete the work and hope that their work is moving them towards a better future. Mourkogiannis discusses the four primary business purposes: Discovery, Helping, Achievement, and Heroism, and gives many historical examples of businesses that have recognized their purpose.

Purpose: The Starting Point of Great Companies is one of the rare books about leadership and business strategy that can fundamentally change how you view your business.

(Tip: This book contains a fantastic appendix with “Fifty Key Points” for easy reference and review.)

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