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Growing Great Employees - Erika Andersen

Setting strategy and “creating the vision” are sexy parts of management, but one of the most important and under-appreciated parts of being a manager is helping your direct reports to grow and develop. This book shows you how.

Using a creative very useful gardening metaphor, Growing Great Employees is a primer on how to help your employees flourish by mindfully cultivating their skills and talents.

Erika Anderson has a great deal of knowledge and expertise in helping people grow, and she shares her secrets liberally in this book. You’ll learn how to listen to and appreciate other people’s needs, look for the right employees for your business, hire employees with promise and potential, set appropriate expectations, manage people how they like to be managed, coach instead of order, make clear agreements, handle difficulties, and encourage their autonomy.

Improving your management skills takes time and effort, but Growing Great Employees will set you on the path of becoming a manager people will be happy to report to.

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